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Tarbiyyah 4 Kids

Adventures of Basim and Basma

Fall leaves

The Leaves ~

By Tasneem Adib (Amreekia)

Cairo , Egypt

On one windy Autum day, Basim and Basma marched outdoors for their daily exploring. As they walked along a path in the woods, Basim noticed that all of the leaves on the trees were a different color, they were no longer brown. He turned to his sister to see if she had noticed the color change and she too stood staring up at the trees in shock and confusion.

Leaning tree

"Basim, how did the leaves change their color over night?" Basma asked her big brother in confusion.

"I think someone came while we were sleeping last night and painted them" He told her trying to be the knowing big brother.

Basma nodded "Yes, I think that's what happened"

"I think we should tell Abi..." Basim suggested

Basma nodded her head in agreement, and they both ran back to their house yelling "Abi, Abi!"

Their father came out of the shed with a hammer in hand, "Yes my children?"

"Abi, Abi! Someone came last night and painted all of the leaves!" The two children yelled out at the same time.

Their Abi laughed and said "No, no one painted them..." And then he brought the Aayah from surah Mumineen

"And verily Allaah is the best creator"

The children looked up at their father in confusion "So what happened to them?"

"The leaves change their colors depending on the season, somewhat like how you change your clothes. There are four seasons and in each season something happens with the world. Sometimes it gets hotter or colder, rain or snow falls and the leaves change their colors all of this happends by Allaahs permission." Abi said while smiling.

Basim and Basma's eyes widened in amazement

"Wow! I wish I could do that." Basim said.

Their Abi smiled and shook his head "Only Allaah is capable of doing those things, now run along and finish your adventures so that you have a story to tell your Ummi and I at dinner time"

The two children smiled happily and ran off into the now reddish-gold woods.

-Until Next Time Inshaa Allaah-

-The End-

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