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Tarbiyyah 4 Kids

Questions and Answers With Aminah and Assia

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~Assia Abdullah Nalin ( Francia) ~
(with the help from umm Assia)
6 years old
Cairo, Egypt
As Salaamu Alaykum Warahmatullah,
I am Umm Assia and I am here with my daughter Assia .Today Assia and I are going to speak a little about  Tawheed and Aqeedah.
Um Assia : Assia , let me ask you some questions:

Um Assia : Who is your Lord?

Assia - Allah

Um Assia :- What is your deen?

Assia- Al Islaam.

Um Assia :- Who is your prophet?

Assia- Mohammed (salla llahu 'alayhi wa sallam.)

Um Assia :- -Jazakillahu khairan!


Spiral, Spinning Horizontal Line

Um Assia :- -Now we are going to speak about Allah. Do you know where He is?

Assia-fis-samaa: In the sky.

Um Assia :- - Do you know if He is everywhere, all around us?

Assia- No. He is not everywhere.

Um Assia :- - But, if He is above the sky, does He hear, see us?

Assia- Yes He does.

Um Assia :- - Do you know how He sees us?

Assia- No.

Um Assia :- - Does anybody knows how He sees, hears us, etc...?

Assia- No, no one knows.

Um Assia :- - Then who knows?

Assia- Only Allah knows.

Um Assia :- - Why did Allah create us?

Assia- To do the 'ibaadah (worship), to do the tawheed.

Um Assia :- - Which verse of the quran tells you that?

Assia- " and I did not create the jinns and the humans except to worship Me"

Um Assia :- - Can you give me exemples of ibaadah?

Assia- Fasting, the hajj, the umrah, salat, reciting the qur'aan, du'aah.

Um Assia :- -When you do this ibaadah, can you do it for someone else than ALlah?

Assia- No.

Um Assia :- - Why?

Assia- Because it is shirk.

Um Assia :- -What is shirk? When does one make shirk?

Assia- When we do 'ibaadah for someone else than Allah.

Um Assia :- Where does shirk leads people who do it?

-Assia:- To the Naar: The Fire.

Um Assia :- Barakallahu fiki Assia!!!


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